How Dancing Can Burn More Calories than Running

By Hamish Patel Jul 26, 2020

Dance in your DNA? With plenty of aerobics and Zumba routines out there, you can easily stay fit while jiving to thumping music. If you think you have two left feet, it’s never too late and you can still learn to dance - Atleast for fitness sake! So, break the monotony, right in your living room, whenever you have some free time. Turns out, music and rhythm are a perfect combination to keep the mind and body active.  

Learn to Dance to Burn Calories: Unwind at Home Step-by-Step

Here are a few tips that you can include when you are learning to dance at home to stay fit! 

1. Start With What you Already Know

Irrespective of the style you learnt. The first step of most dance routines is moving from left to right - the causal sway. If you’ve had an ABC orientation of dance, you would already know a few basic moves. If you are a dance newbie and have never taken any classes before. It is okay! You must have a few favourite moves you want to try out. Refer to a few videos of the basic dance moves to get started. 

Don’t worry about the loss of coordination with the timing and your steps. The goal here is to keep moving. After you practised with the music, turn the volume to zero, keep the count (which is generally, 4 or 8), and do the sequence, in the same manner, in front of your mirror. Let it sink in your muscle memory. Then, repeat with the music by turning the volume up. The added reps just double as a workout in itself! 

Check to see if you’re are nailing your moves by recording yourself. Put your smartphone on the table, switch on the music and hit the video-record button. 

  2. Combine More than One Style

No matter what dance style you like, the key to reap the most out of a dance workout is to create an entire routine, incorporating a combination of different moves. Thanks to the thousands of YouTube dance videos, you have a lot of options to choose from. Try to get a hang of what each move feels like in the beginning. Don’t feel bad that you are not able to do it correctly. Going from one move to the next takes a lot of speed, agility and reliance on muscle strength. And, the same principle applies to any cardio routine. Right?

3. Train your Muscles to Dance to your Tunes

If you really want to get good at dancing and burn calories at the same time, you must work on strengthening your core. You don’t have to go full out with intense workout sessions. You first need to work on your legs for stability, for which squats are great. Squats are also good for the hips and you know how well all good dancers are able to move their flexible hips. You can also do planks to strengthen your arms. These exercises will provide a good foundation for any form of dancing.

Learn to dance at home

Also, before you start dancing at home, always warm up so that you never have any muscle injuries when you are focusing on the tough dance sequences. Again, your warm-ups should not take more than 10 to 15 minutes. To make the most of your warm-up as well as your dance routine, use a fitness tracker to get most of your overall workout. The PLAYFIT devices can track your activity, and give you relevant insights like steps taken, calories and average heart rate during your workout. 

Learn to Dance: Enjoy the Most Fun Cardio at Home

So, if you don’t want to do the traditional cardio, you can just get on the groove for an active workout session. Do everyone a favour and cut the loud music. Use our PLAYGO N20 in-ear headphones, instead. These sweat-proof neckband earbuds are wireless and are extra comfortable. Pretty neat, right?

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