5 Mantras for a Staying Healthy

By Hamish Patel Jul 26, 2020

Nothing should keep you from staying healthy, right? But, when stress and difficult situations beckon, you are right back on following those unhealthy habits that you had recently left. You start sleeping less, drink and/or smoke more, eat unhealthy food and your overall health takes a toll. It doesn’t have to be like clockwork every time. Without putting too much pressure on a demanding lifestyle, there are many simple ways on how to keep a healthy body. 

How to Keep a Healthy Body: Tips and Tricks

If you have had a sedentary lifestyle follow these few practical and easy steps on how to keep a healthy body:

1. How ’bout the Quickies

Sorry, we didn’t mean to tease! What we really mean to suggest is a ‘quick workout session’. Nothing is more beneficial to the body than exercising. Your sleep cycle gets better and your muscle strength increases. You can forget about getting obese and the other health deteriorating factors related to it, when you adapt to exercising. For that, it is not necessary to hit the gym or spend hours on tough workouts. Keep it simple and short. Pushups and planks are enough. Spend hardly 30 minutes on both of these before you get down to your home-workstation.

Even better would be just lifting a few relatively heavy things at home. Two full two-litre water bottles can do the trick. Spend 15 minutes of your precious time lifting one alternatively, just like you would do with dumbbells.

See, keeping your muscles running is more accessible than you thought!

Need more inspiration?

Put on some lightweight PLAYGO N23 headphones with music that pumps your spirit. Yes, they are fully sweat-proof neckbands!

And it’s super easy to compare your performance on a daily basis – check out the trendy wearables by World of PLAY, which monitor your heart rate, once you start your workouts.

5 Mantras for a Staying Healthy

Whether at the gym or at home, make sure to get the maximum from your workouts by using the PLAYGO devices to track your session.

2. Drinking Sessions are Fun

Drinking alcohol with friends or colleagues after a hard day at work lets you unwind. But, there will be negative consequences if you get hooked on to it, especially when you drink post-work hours, five to six days a week, blaming your work stress. Even if you are just a social drinker, you don’t have to stop socialising to stop drinking completely. Just keep in check of those numbers of glasses.

One or two glasses per day are fine, but exceeding that does have adverse effects on the liver, heart and brain. Just drink in moderation. It is a much better alternative that can help you relieve stress and reduce the risk of diabetes. Maybe at times just supplement the drink with Tonic Water, with a slice of lemon or cucumber – and voila you have a health drink in your hands.

3. Let’s be the Quitters

Cigarettes contain nicotine, which is a great stress buster. Studies say when you smoke, a nicotine’s dose reaches your brain in 10 seconds. That’s why, many continue to smoke during high levels of stress.  At work, reaching out to light one after another can make your day pass by easily; this, in turn, makes you addicted to it. Then again, you know smoking is more harmful than drinking. It is best to get rid of this habit ASAP.

Pro Tip: Start exercising when you feel the impulse. Fill up your stomach with water when you crave to smoke. Eat at regular intervals.

4. Sleep Those Worries Away

A good night’s sleep determines a healthy body. However, your work pressure can directly affect your sleep cycle. Assuming that you drink 2 to 3 cups of coffee in a day during work, just remember that you shouldn’t drink it during the evening, especially not after 5 pm.

Another reason for not achieving deep sleep is lack of physical work or movement. Many studies show that if you exercise in the morning regularly, your body temperature remains at a higher level for most of the day and goes back to normal during night making you feel sleepy, eventually. Even 10 minutes of exercise regularly will let you enjoy good sleeping hours. Ah, what luxury!

If you are not sure if you’re having a good sleep or not, advanced fitness trackers can easily monitor and give you in-depth analysis on your different sleep cycles.

5. Say ‘NO’ to Packaged Foods

Well, alright Insta is always buzzing with newly found chefs and some scrumptious food meets the eyes whenever you start browsing. But, let’s face it – it ain’t easy to prepare all three meals by yourself, especially when you have a 9 to 5 work schedule. And, nobody can’t say no to delicious packaged food. They have been around for decades now, and most likely, they are the first things to come to your mind when you have to cook instantly. But, well, they make everyone over-consume and gain unhealthy weight.

If you are out of options and time, you can always go for grains such as quinoa. They are a healthier substitute than rice and bread, and can be a base for any kind of meal you want to go for, be it, as a salad or with cooked meat, eggs and veggies.

Eating healthy is one of the best things you can do to keep healthy. Don’t cut down on the dietary essentials. Cut down on excess fat and glucose consumption!

How To Keep a Healthy Body & Stay That Way! 

As you can see, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not that hard. Even though you are stuck at home, these few simple changes in your daily routine will make all the difference.

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