Healthy Lifestyle Tips: Diet, Exercise, Tools for Success

By Hamish Patel Jul 26, 2020


You can’t expect to reap the benefits of intense workouts and eating healthy unless you commit to them regularly. As much as it is easy to fall back on unhealthy ways, it is as hard to get your health back on track. This is not the clarion call to get demotivated though. After all, ‘to err is human’ and it took a lot to build Rome. But, you have to start somewhere. For that, let us give you a few effective healthy lifestyle tips so that you can easily keep up with them in the long run.

5 Healthy Lifestyle Tips 

Know what is good health and how to maintain it with these simple, yet essential healthy lifestyle tips:

1. Three Meals a Day Keep Health Problems at Bay

The importance of eating regular meals cannot be overstated. Not only do they help you keep up with your energy levels, the frequency also ensures that you do not overindulge in any one meal. 

For healthy living, the meals, of course, need to be done right. Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper isn’t just an aphorism, but a way of life.  

Yes, we know that there is hardly any time in the day to have a proper meal and it’s only at night that you can have a hearty meal with your favorite series running on Netflix. A large meal at night, however, is not advisable as it could lead to weight gain besides also impacting your sleep. In fact, it is also prudent to eat dinner 3 hours before bedtime; that way you are allowing for proper digestion of food. In addition, avoid consuming caffeine, soda, energy drinks and chocolates close to bedtime as that will add to insomnia. 

2. Try Eating a Variety of Foods

Do you know that to maintain good health you need a variety of more than 40 nutrients?  Of course, there is no single superfood that can supply all of them. So. it's not about the quantity but the quality of food you have, that will make a big difference over time! 

  • Instead of frying, it will be much better if we can boil, roast, steam or bake the food with natural and unrefined vegetable oils.
  • Try including raw fruits and veggies to your diet. The more you cook any foodstuff the more it loses its nutritional value. Including dry fruits to your meals can make them more wholesome as they are the storehouse of powerful nutrients.
  • Reducing excessive sugar and salt intake will not only slow down the ageing process due to the slow release of free radicals but also save you from a number of cardiovascular diseases. Instead of commercial sugar try using other natural substitutes like honey or jaggery. Similarly, rock salt or a salt low in sodium is much better than the normal table salt which is the main cause in elevating your blood pressure.
  • If you love eating snacks, moderation is the key word. It’s easy to gorge down two bags full of potato chips and not even realize it. What you have opted for is high trans-fats (hydrogenated vegetable oil that increases cholesterol levels and leads to Type-II diabetes) and yeah, calories. Instead, opt for any seasonal fruit or sprouts from your local grocery store. Your body will thank you.
  • It is important to take care of your gut health by including probiotics and fiber in your diet. Make whole grains, fruits and vegetables an inextricable part of your diet. A hand full of nuts can also make a high-fiber snack. Besides aiding digestion, fiber also helps you maintain a healthy body weight.
  • Do not forget to keep yourself hydrated. From maximizing physical performance, aiding the digestive system, boosting your skin health and regulating your body temperature, the many benefits of having enough water cannot be overemphasized. Sip your way to good health!

3. Those Muscles Need Some Action

That physical activity is needed to improve your overall health and reduce the risk of disease, is a given! From controlling weight, boosting energy, promoting better sleep to uplifting your mood, the advantages of exercise cannot be overstated.

While exercising is essential for healthy living you must know what kind of exercises are good for you, depending on your age, your physical condition and your surroundings. Also, if you have been physically inactive, it is advisable to start simple. 

Healthy Lifestyle Tips

Staying active is important for stronger muscles & bones.

Here are Some Healthy Tips on Exercises:

  • If you want to lose your upper body weight and tone your triceps, many would suggest tricep dips. It is where you slide your hips down with your arms holding the chair behind you. But this form of exercise can lead to high amounts of shoulder pain. It’s best you do close grip pushups. These will have the same benefit of toning your triceps.
  • So, what if you don’t have time to exercise even once a day! Try walking. This is a good form of aerobic exercise. But, we are not saying you walk a few meters a day and that will work. Keep a target of walking 3km, at least 3 times in a week. You can always go for our fitness trackers that give you a step count and show you how much distance you have covered. Just walking about a kilometre will burn about 100 calories, which is a well-known health fact. Your wearable will count that for you, instantly.
  • The key is to remain physically active. If your schedule does not allow for that gym workout, there is no reason to be disheartened. There are enough and more ways to sneak in that exercise during your regular day. Climb the stairs instead of taking the lift, park your car away from the office building, walk up to that colleague instead of shooting an e-mail. There is a lot you can do to keep yourself healthy.
  • While you get into active mode, remember that you don’t have to follow an exercise regimen that is so tough on your schedule that you eventually lose interest.  It is very important to listen to your body and not over-exert yourself. Go ahead and set realistic goals. Don’t worry if you cannot run that half marathon just yet. Simply begin somewhere and then add to the intensity. The thumb rule to follow is form over speed. Also, while it may be extremely tempting to jump to vigorous activity sessions, do not undermine the importance of warm-up and cool-down sessions. That way you are preparing yourself for the activity ahead as also are in a better position to avoid injury.
  • Above everything, the idea is to keep yourself motivated. For that, it will help to choose activities that are fun. Remember to add variety to your exercise regimen to keep your interest going. Importantly, celebrate your successes. Rewarding yourself once your achieve certain milestones can be a great way to keep yourself going.
  • While you do all of this, do not forget to have a healthy intake of carbs. We don’t mean that you should binge on them but ensure you eat enough to maintain your energy levels as you exercise.

4. Quit Alcohol & Smoking

The answer to how to maintain good health is to abstain from alcohol and smoking.  Consider them your biggest enemy if you are looking to stay healthy your entire life. 

    • Not only is alcohol one of the major reasons for road accidents across the world but it can also lead to abusive and uncontrolled behaviour, which can ruin your personal life too. On the health front, excessive consumption can lead to liver damage and can also lead to an untimely death.
    • People consume tobacco by smoking and chewing. Over 90% of oral cancers patients are known to consume tobacco regularly. Similar to tobacco chewing is the habit of smoking, which severely deteriorates the health of your lungs and heart with the passage of time. 
    • Undoubtedly, it takes a life-long commitment to quit chewing & smoking of tobacco. But you can certainly leave them with your will-power, counselling sessions and medications.  It will also work well if you start by cutting back a little each day. One less cigarette or drink per day is a great place to start. 

    5. Your Biggest Asset is your Mind

    The key to healthy living is to take good care of your mental health. While we all know this, its execution is where we tend to lose out, given our hectic schedules.

    8 Effective  Mental Healthcare Tips:

      1. Eating healthy is a great step in curing depression related issues. Keep that sorted, first of all
      2. Get plenty of sleep. Typically adults need seven to nine hours of sleep. Not getting enough sleep is a big reason for mood disorders and anxiety. It will help to have an activity tracker handy, that can show you how well you have slept and allow you to take corrective measures.
      3. Ask people what they love to do, and they often draw a blank. In the day-to-day running around of life, we tend to lose touch with our passions. If that is the case with you, take some time to think of things that you love to do. As you reconnect with your passion- whether it is reading, dancing, painting or any other activity, you will see yourself regaining your mojo.

    Healthy Lifestyle Tips: Diet, Exercise, tools for Success
    Music helps cleanse the mind, and activate the nervous system.

    1. Music particularly helps to de-stress. Besides having a marked effect on our physiological functions, from slowing the heart rate to lowering blood pressure, the therapeutic effects of music is also well-known.  That preppy playlist could be a great mood up-lifter.  Get those comfy noise-cancelling earphones and you are ready to be transported in a private world of your own.
    2. Ensure that you get a healthy dose of sunlight in your daily routine. You would know that it is the best source of Vitamin D, however, the fact that it also helps our brain release chemicals to improve our mood, is not so well-known.
    3. Often times, the pressures of modern life lead us into silos where we barely get time to connect with others. However, making an effort to connect with others and be sociable can go a long way in improving our mental health. Go ahead and ensure you get a healthy dose of Oxytocin, popularly called the cuddle hormone.
    4. Remember also to take the time to help others. It could mean volunteering for a local charity or simply helping your neighbour with some chores. That you will bring joy in someone’s life is a given but you will also do a lot to improve your self-esteem!
    5. Last, but definitely not the least, an important aspect of keeping yourself mentally healthy is to recognize when you are not feeling good and to ask for help. Go ahead and speak to your friends and family or reach out to a mental health practitioner. Talking about mental health is the first step to break the taboo around it.

    Healthy Living, Here We Come!

    These simple healthy lifestyle tips can be easily adapted into your daily routine, regardless of any demanding situation that life throws at you. Try to incorporate these gradually and witness their positive cumulative impact.

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