Headphone vs Speakers, which one should you go for?

By Deepak Tiwari Oct 05, 2021
Headphones vs Speakers is amongst the most heated debates in the music business. While some audiophiles prefer headphones because they can listen to music in their own personal space, others enjoy sharing their favourite tracks with others. However, the issue remains: which is better? Both headphones and speakers have distinct properties that make one superior to the other. When it comes to listening, audiophiles consider not only the audio quality, but also the comfort and usability of the device.

The most noticeable difference between headphones and speakers is that one is restricted to your ears while the other produces sound throughout a room. When you want to be alone, headphones are ideal. Many versions also have noise cancellation or noise suppression, allowing you to block out the rest of the environment and focus entirely on the music or some other activity in hand. It is impossible to listen to music over speakers in a cafe or on a train. Of course, the disadvantage is that headphones separate you from the outside world and make you seem not so social. Also, even if you really have wireless ones, it's difficult to go around your house without experiencing disruptions, and you'll be carrying something bulky on your head.

The ability of speakers to provide the genuine appearance of having a band or musician in a room is one of its most appealing features. This has obviously improved with the introduction of new designs.
Many higher-end headphones have an open back design that lets ambient noise in. When background noise is mixed in with music, your brain is tricked into thinking that the music seems to be more a part of the space you're in. If you're crossing the street, open headphones are also safer since you can hear car horns honking.

When compared to most speakers, headphones have the distinct advantage of being way more accurate. Of course, there is a significant difference in quality from one headphone to the next, but it is far easier to develop a compact driver that sits near to the ear. Multiple drivers, crossovers, box resonance, and ambient interactions all contribute to the sound coloration of speakers. The materials used in headphones are quite simple and straightforward to manipulate.

Volume is an often-overlooked difference between headphones and speakers. Because headphones have no room cues, most people listen to music 25 percent to 50 percent louder than they would with speakers.
This could be quite dangerous. Hearing damage can be easily caused by any modern headphone that is powered by a mobile phone. If you listen to music for more than an hour per day, you should keep the volume down. If you hear your headphones distort or if you've ever blown a set of headphones, you've most likely suffered from hearing loss. Most headphones may easily reach 100 decibels. With prolonged listening, hearing impairment begins at 80 decibels. Listening to rock or hip hop on your phone at maximum level will almost surely exceed 100 decibels, causing immediate hearing damage.

Headphones vs Speakers - Movies

It depends. The sounds of explosions and the voices of the performers filling the space provide a fantastic feeling of immersion. It surely outperforms a pair of headphones in terms of soundstage. Still, there are a few things to consider. This speaker system is not for everyone because not everyone has the right room or budget to put it together. Not only that, but you might have roommates or next-door neighbours to consider.
If you're on a budget or if loud sound is a concern, headphones are the best option, but if you can afford it, a speaker system will provide a more authentic movie experience.

Headphones vs Speakers - Gaming

When it comes to gaming, a decent set of headphones with a microphone is a great choice if you prefer to talk to your teammates. Particularly if you play more competitive games in which communication is a crucial element. If you enjoy single-player games, speakers are also a good option.

In conclusion

The headphones vs speaker discussion could go all day, but ultimately, it comes down to the person's budget, present setup, and main use when selecting whether to go with headphones or speakers. In any case, these are excellent choices and excellent choices for audiophiles. Checkout PLAYGO's headphone collection for an unmatched listening experience.

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