How Fitness Apps Can Influence Healthy Daily Habits

By Kartikeya Rokde Jul 25, 2020

Technology has been lauded for a number of marvels, however, there has also been cause for concern, especially in relation to health and fitness. Studies show that there is indeed a correlation between obesity, a steep decline in health and the rise of technology. But all is not negative, technology has also opened a lot of doors to correct our sedentary lifestyle. And today, a lot more people are realising the value of maintaining a healthy lifestyle with under desk cycles, elliptical bikes, fitness tracker and fitness apps. 

So, while technology gives you the convenience and ease of life, let’s also use the same convenience and ease to instil healthy habits in a tech-dominated world. And today, we’d like to explore the possibilities that fitness apps open for us. 

Fitness Apps Give you the Much-Needed Nudge

Since we are caught up with our daily routines, something as important as our physical wellbeing needs a nudge and a reminder. This is exactly what fitness apps do; keep you motivated to achieve your fitness goals. With notifications that get you to work when you have been inactive for too long or encouragement when you have achieved your goal, they give you the much-needed impetus to chase your fitness objectives.

Set Fitness Goals with Fitness Apps

With the convenient combination of a fitness tracker and a fitness app, you can set various fitness goals, such as target weight, activity levels, sleep hours, number of daily sets, calories to be burnt and more. With real-time stats available every step for the way, inching towards your fitness goals has never been easier. 

How Fitness Apps Can Influence Healthy Daily Habits


Track Calories and Nutrition

Ever so often in our zeal to fulfill our exercise regimen we may not give healthy eating its due. There are fitness apps you can use to record the calories you are consuming. When you pit is against the calories burned on your fitness tracker’s app, you’ll know if you are in a calorie deficit or a calorie excess. With the app tracking this data you can study it at length to make changes in your diet.

Healthy Competition

With engaging challenges, and an encouraging social community integrated into the app, fitness doesn’t have to be daunting. There’s nothing quite as addictive as gaming. Fitness apps can also lead to healthy competition between you and other users of the app. Apps let you share your achievements with your friends and family, or post it on your social media. Flaunting your fitness achievements feels good, right? Giving you added motivation to achieve your goals. 

How Fitness Apps Can Influence Healthy Daily Habits

Cardio Fitness & Heart Rate

Exercising right is key for cardio fitness. Fitness apps help you record & monitor your resting heart rate and ascertain target heart rate zone. With this, you can be sure that you do not overexert or under exert your body during your workouts. You can also use your fitness app to log your workouts to make sure that you are maintaining a consistent and also measure the intensity of your effort during that workout. For instance, a combination of interval training and endurance training is said to help improve cardio fitness, you can keep track of this on your app.  

Adequate Sleep

Adequate sleep is something that shouldn’t be sacrificed for work or exercise. With a fitness tracker, you can keep a track of not just your sleep but also whether you are getting adequate hours of deep sleep. The fitness app, in turn, will keep a record of your sleep patterns, helping you to make the necessary lifestyle changes should you find the numbers wanting. 

Closing Thoughts on Fitness Apps 

With the use of mobile phones and tablets becoming ubiquitous, accessibility and convenience are a given when it comes to fitness apps. The other advantage with fitness apps, of course, also is the ease of use and the fact that the information is available to you on the go. User-friendly dashboards and visual representation of data ensure that studying your health stats is a breeze!

Irrespective of whether you are battling a weight loss issue or are looking at boosting cardiovascular health, wearable fitness tracker and a fitness app are essential arsenals. 

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