Feeling lazy? 7 productive things you can do at home !

By Deepak Tiwari Aug 17, 2021
The lockdown has provided many of us more free time than we've ever had before. Time that we never imagined we'd have.
This extra time allows us to do things we've often wanted to do or would like to do more of, depending on our personal circumstances. Hence it is fair for us to use this time productively and to do activities that are valuable to us. We all become bored from time to time, especially at work. While it may seem like a good opportunity to take a brief sleep in these moments of boredom, there are lots of other more constructive things to accomplish.

When most people become bored, they simply sit there, unsure of what to do. They are watching the clock tick away and the minutes tick away, and soon several hours have passed. But the fact is, when you're bored, there are plenty of simple, constructive things to do. You'll regain your motivation, and you won't have squandered hours of your life staring at a blank wall.

Here are a few things you could do:

Take up a free course

Signing up in a course and completing tests and assignments will allow you to expand your knowledge while also improving your CV. For example, Coursera offers a wide choice of foundation-level courses that anybody can enrol in for free and begin learning about everything from literature and the arts to culture, economics, and law. You could also watch YouTube tutorials or listen to TED Talks to gain new facts and abilities. Look for a podcast on a subject that interests you if you prefer audio over video. While you're bored, you can sit back, relax, and yet learn something. You can even take on a major challenge and try to learn a foreign language or at least get a general idea of one

Start Reading

Books help us to develop our brains, expand our vocabularies, reduce stress, and improve our imagination. Whether you favour fiction or nonfiction, go out and get some books this week and try reading more. There's no excuse when you can get old books for near to nothing on Amazon. Remember that if you like listening, audiobooks might be the way to go

Get a good sleep

Your regular patterns of early mornings and late nights might take their toll on you. Make sure you get plenty of sleep during this period of extended downtime. Make sure you go to bed at a decent hour . This is the time to make sure you're getting your 8 hours of sleep.

Learn a new skill

Enrolling in classes to improve your credentials can be combined with developing skills. This could include understanding the basics of a game, learning to play a musical instrument, or learning anything else that takes time to master. Playing an instrument may be a lot of fun, and it's also a creative way to stay entertained and learn new things.

Catch up with people

We're cut off from the individuals we typically spend time with, yet we have more ways than ever to communicate with them. Make time to catch up with friends and family and enjoy a virtual drink. Use the time to reconnect with family you haven't seen in a while. Reuniting with former coworkers is also a good idea. In past employment, you would just have spent considerable time with these people and may have grown apart as your career progressed.

Do some meditation

It’s important to be mindful of your surroundings as well as your wellbeing whilst in quarantine, and meditation might help you get a bit of peace of mind in times of uncertainty. Find a quiet location, and listen to some therapeutic meditation music to cleanse your mind. Meditation is one of the most effective ways to relieve stress and enhance your overall health right now.

Watch documentaries

This practice might result in a trap. While viewing a fascinating TV series on Netflix might be a fun way to spend the time, it can also be a waste of time, as you may find yourself binge-watching shows that don't benefit you in any way but waste your spare time. I recommend that, in addition to your typical TV viewing habits, you devote time to watching documentaries and learning about your favourite topics. You might decide to watch a documentary series on Netflix that you've never heard of before, which is fantastic.

Get started right away with some of these activities. Use this time wisely, and thank the people who are helping to make your day better.

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