Can Bluetooth Headphones Be Tracked

By amrit shergill Jul 26, 2020

The advent of Bluetooth technology has impacted a wide variety of devices. Music enthusiasts, particularly benefit from the powerful sound production and hands-free convenience offered by Bluetooth headphones. While headphones get sleeker and travel lighter, their miniaturization has also led to the fact that could easily be misplaced. If that’s something you have faced, the one question that’s likely to be on your mind is can Bluetooth headphones be tracked?

The short answer is yes! Here is all the information you need on tracking your headphones that will bring complete peace of mind.

Tracking your Headphones 

As cliche as it sounds, there are simple things to try to aid your search. Start out with thinking calmly about where you could have used them last and closely combing that area. Checking with people around or seeking the help of your family members or co-workers could also lead you to the misplaced Bluetooth Headphones. Keeping your home and work area uncluttered is another handy tip to not lose them in the first place or having lost them, to find them quickly.

One of the easiest things to do is also to send some loud music to your Bluetooth headphone via your phone’s music app. Odds are that once you crank up the volume, the sound could act as your Bluetooth headset tracker and lead you to your device.

Failing any of these options, you could make use of some of the tracking apps that can help track your Bluetooth Headphones.  To use this option, however, you need to be sure that:

  1. The Bluetooth headphone is charged and switched on- It stands to reason that if the headphone isn’t charged and switched on when you lose it, there isn’t a way to track it through an app. It is prudent, therefore to keep your device charged as a habit.
  2. The headphones are paired with your phone and are not in their case.

Using Scanners to help Track Bluetooth Headphones.

There are a few hits and misses with this method. To sum it up, you could simply download any of the Bluetooth scanner apps from an app store. Having downloaded and installed the app, all you need to do is to locate the active Bluetooth devices as displayed on the app. In case your device does not show up, move around in the location where you think you might have left your Bluetooth headphones until they start to show up on the app. 

Typically if you get a strong signal, it means that the lost wireless Bluetooth device is near, while a weak signal would indicate that you are some distance away from its location.

Pro tip: Bluetooth signal strength is measured in decibel-milliwatts. The higher the number or in case of a negative number the closer it is to zero, the better. 

Once you have been able to locate the device on the app, check to see if moving around makes the signal strength drop. A drop will indicate to you that you are moving away from the device. On the other hand, if signal strengths improve, you are moving towards the device. Simply follow this thumb rule until you reach that much-coveted device.

Concluding the Search for Tracking your Bluetooth Headphones

Can Bluetooth Headphones Be Tracked

As long as your headphones still have some battery life and were turned on when you lost them, the odds are pretty good that you should be able to track them. Here’s to you being able to enjoy uninterrupted music and not having to part ways with your favourite Bluetooth Headphones. 

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