Extend the Battery life on your Phone and Bluetooth Headphone with these Simple Hacks

By Hamish Patel Jul 26, 2020

For a smartphone user, being in red has a whole new meaning. That dreaded message saying you have only 10% battery left, can be frustrating, to say the least! Odds are that each time the battery dips to these critical levels, you give your wireless earphones a snide look and are convinced that Bluetooth headphones battery drain is the core issue. Yes, we all have great expectations from technology! 

Bluetooth Headphone Battery Drain: How to Stay Powered All Day

One of the reasons why you face issues of battery drain might be because of the many music apps you may be streaming. Streaming apps use a lot of data and screen time and your battery may discharge quickly. In fact, you can even check how much of your charge is being consumed by these apps on your phone. Additionally, if you are addicted to games such as Pokemon Go, which have a high reliance on graphics and sound, the battery-drain is a no-brainer! 

All you need to do is to make a few seemingly small changes so you aren’t left in an unwarranted situation. Both to spare the battery on your phone and your earphones. Here are a few hacks on how to fix a fast draining battery. 

  • In listening to your favourite songs or albums remember to download them as opposed to streaming them through your chosen app. Most apps allow you to save the files locally. That way each time you put on your wireless earphone to hear that number, you aren’t accessing them via Wi-Fi or cellular data and are reducing the power guzzling.
  • Turning off your phone’s EQ can also go a long way in conserving energy. With good quality headphones even with the EQ turned off, you aren’t likely to suffer on the quality of the bass or midrange. The PLAYGO BH75 can be optimised through the PLAYGO app, you don’t need your phone to add an additional layer of EQ.

    How to Stop Wireless Headphones From Draining your Phone’s Battery

    EQ on the BH75 AI Noise-cancelling headphones can be set via the PLAYGO App

    • Avoid placing your wireless headset either in direct sunlight or in extreme cold for that long-lasting battery.
    • In daily use, remember to return the headset to the charging base when not in use. Since we have been using phones for the longest time we have become used to a charging routine for them. Remember to follow a similar routine for the Bluetooth headset as well.
    • If for some reason you aren’t using your headset for extended periods, that does not mean that you should not be charging it. In fact, charging it every three months, even in the situation where you aren’t using it, is recommended. This makes sure that the battery remains optimized. 
    • Try not to overcharge it. Once your device reaches the 100% charging try to quickly unplug it. An overcharged battery tends to lose its efficiency more quickly than the one which is appropriately charged.
    • Turning off Bluetooth every time your headphones are not in use. It is also a very nice way of saving your precious battery time. Having said that it will not be very useless if you are just placing down your headphones for a few minutes.  

    Battery Drain: The Culprit

    Why is my phone battery draining so fast? 

    It is also important to remember that Bluetooth headphones battery drain is only a part of the overall battery usage issue as far as your cell phone is concerned. There are a host of other battery guzzlers besides your Bluetooth headset. The question remains, what you can do about some of these things so that your battery lives up to its “ long-lasting battery tag”. Here are some generic hacks:

    • That big, bright screen takes away a lot of power. In fact the brighter the screen, the more the power consumption. Remember to head to the settings of the phone and adjust the brightness for that longest battery life.
    • For apps such as Facebook remember to keep the background app refresh feature turned off. That way you aren’t wasting battery, downloading pictures of people’s vacations when you aren’t even scrolling through the feed.
    • Using the battery saver mode can also go a long way to rescue that precious power. Switching the mobile data off as you catch some shuteye at night can also help in saving battery life.
    • Turning off your phone’s GPS and location can also ensure that you save battery and are able to use it when you need it.
    • A part of your smartphone processor always remains active if you do not disable Google Assistant. Disabling the Google Assistant will surely help you in saving more battery time. 
    • Try disabling auto-sync as it continuously uses the internet in the background and continuously drains your phone’s battery. 
    • Choosing a darker wallpaper or theme for your smartphone can go an extra mile in saving its battery life.
    • Avoid over-charging your phone beyond 100% and don’t drain it down to 0%. Going to such extremes is always bad for your phone’s battery. You will be amazed to know that your smartphone's battery works most efficiently when it is in the 20% to 90% battery range.
    • Avoid using fast chargers. Using the charger of some other high end smartphone can be very stressful for your phone battery and can permanently damage it.

    If you have any other energy-saving tricks in your arsenal to save your Bluetooth headphones battery do share them in the comments below. 

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