How to Create the Best Workout Playlist for Your Headphones

By Hamish Patel Sep 04, 2020

Think of any fitness class or even an intensive gym session and the one thing that you are likely to find in common is energizing music. Not without reason. With some great music playing through your gym headphones, as you sweat it out, odds are that you are that much more motivated to push yourself.

Gym Headphone Playlist: 101

Enough and more research has shown that high-intensity music can boost your workout performance. In fact, music can do several things including but not limited to:

  • Reducing the perception of fatigue
  • Make exercise seem easier
  • Improve your mood and put you in the “zone”
  • Allow you to exercise longer

To ensure the above, of course, you must be equipped with the right gym headphones that fit your needs. Both comfort and function must come together in your wireless headphones for gym. From keeping your gym bag light to offering great sound quality there is a lot that best workout earphones can do for you. Add to it the fact that they have a sweat-proof construction and that you need not worry about them slipping out as you take to some serious exercise, and you know why they are a prized possession. 

How to Create that Perfect Workout Playlist for your Gym Headphones

Armed with wireless headphones for the gym, it is time to put together a playlist that facilitates your fitness journey. 

First things first- when you think of a workout playlist, it is extremely important to match the tempo with your intended workout regime. If you are pumping some serious iron, there is no way a soft number can keep you going. For yoga or Pilates, for example, it will be good to go with songs in the region of 60-90 beats per minute (BPM), while if you are doing powerlifting you certainly need songs in the range of 130-150 BPM. Also, it is extremely important to have songs for the warm-up and the cooling-down sessions. While the warm-up could be anything between 100 to 140 BPM, for the cool-down exercises you could choose songs between 60 to 90 BPM.

How to create that perfect workout playlist for your Gym Headphones

It’s amazing how something as seemingly simple as a beat can push your workout to the next level. If you are looking at stepping up your workout by a few notches, it may help to select a mix that is slightly faster than your usual pace. With music by your side, you will mind the hard work a lot less! In looking for that ideal playlist, it will also help though to look at more than just the tempo to also choose lyrics that motivate you to keep going!

If selecting the right playlist sounds like a lot of work, there’s help! There are a number of apps available that could help you with a ready to use workout playlist. You could log on to Spotify, for example, for a premade workout playlist. With playlists categorized by BPM, your job is made much simpler. The fact that the names of songs are available along with the BPM, allows you to take your pick!

There is no reason for you to suffer through a silent workout anymore. Go ahead and feel that added surge of energy as your favourite song comes up. The right music can actually work as a big performance enhancer. Armed with your playlist and your gym headphones, you are only some distance away from a fitter you! 

Pro tip- While you enjoy your music and your work out session, do remain mindful of the external environment! Stay safe, stay fit!

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