The Best Wireless Earphones for Phone Calls

By Kartikeya Rokde Sep 09, 2020

With the increasing prevalence of conference calls especially in the work-from-home regime, odds are that you are looking for wireless earphones for phone calls. You certainly need good sound quality besides opting for a device that offers a great fit and has long-lasting battery life.  Here is a handy guide for aspects to look for in the best Bluetooth headset for calls.

1. Mic and Speaker Quality

There is no way you would want the sound quality to be compromised as you take that important client call. Best earphones with top-notch mic and speaker are key if you are looking for HD quality calls! The other feature that is an absolute must-have is noise-reduction and echo cancellation to ensure that ambient noises do not play havoc with your conversation.

Additionally, bass enhancing dynamic drivers in your Bluetooth earphones can go a long way in bringing hi-definition sound to life, for the times when you decide to groove to music, perhaps in between those calls!

The Best Wireless Earphones for Phone Calls

2. Strength of Bluetooth Signal

When you are looking at the best Bluetooth headset for calls, you need to be sure that your calls aren’t interrupted by signal loss. Signal strength has a lot to do with the Bluetooth device and hence checking for that quality is key. There are different versions of Bluetooth protocols in use, Bluetooth 5.0 being the latest. Having the support for the latest Bluetooth version can not only ensure good sound quality but also ensure that the device connections use less power.

3. Ease of Use

Ease of use ranks pretty high when what you are looking for are the best earphones for calls. Hands-free convenience, calls for an earphone with easy tap features, to help you answer or reject the call. Additionally, integrated voice APK, that allows the earphone to work seamlessly with popular voice assistants on your phone, adds to the ease of use.

Having the earphone battery drain out just as you are expecting that important phone call, is everyone’s nightmare. With a huge call inflow, opting for an earphone with 20 hours of battery life can make a world of a difference. A pocket-slip charging case to charge on the go is what you need to ensure that you are never in the red!

You also need to look out for the auto-connect feature, wherein once paired, the buds re-connect to the last connected mobile phone automatically, sparing you the time and effort to re-establish a connection each time. 

To sum up, pairing, activating, and charging are the three aspects that need to be looked at closely in making your choice.

4. Right Fit

When you are buying something that has to stay on your ears, the right fit is crucial. You certainly need lightweight models that do not remind you of their presence. 

Make sure the ear-tips fit your ears properly and make an effective seal. Overall, a snug and secure fit is key, to be able to enjoy your wireless freedom.

5. IPX Rating

Look out for an IPX rating that ensures that your earphones are sweatproof. A good IPX rating also ensures that your earphones are protected against dust and therefore quality and durability is maintained.

6. Battery Life

The Best Wireless Earphones for Phone Calls

The longer the battery life, the better it is! Battery life is one of the most critical things to look out for while buying your pair of earphones. A longer play-time saves you from the hassle of charging your earphones on a daily basis and on the other side provides you with a seamless music experience. Apart from this, a long lasting battery life makes them perfect for long commuting & travelling.   

7. Design 

Last, but definitely not the least, wireless earphones can definitely help you make that style statement. A sleek and stylish design that rests in your ear, will speak volumes about your own persona. Additionally, the more the attention to detail as far as its design is concerned, the higher the probability of a better audio experience, as well! 

Not all earbuds are created equal. Exercising due diligence while choosing the wireless earphones for a phone, can go a long way in offering you the freedom you so desire! Here’s to form and style coming together in your new purchase!

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