How to Pick the Best Headphones for Workouts

By Hamish Patel Jul 25, 2020

If there’s one thing that you need to keep your workout momentum going, it has to be great music. It hands-down gives you the best motivation to keep you going, and doesn’t let the fatigue set in. But with so many failed attempts on finding the right headphones for workouts, we have ourselves a music conundrum.

While staying put and sounding great are the given basic mandates, We’ve narrowed down a few other requirements that a headphone needs to fulfil to qualify as your workout companion. Here’s a handy list of features to look out for:

Don’t Get in the Way of Movement

First things first; you don’t want the headphone to get in the way of your movement, whether you are pumping iron in the gym or hopping fences. The last thing that you want is the headphone falling off on account of the vigorous activity. Or worse, you snapping on the wired cords. There’s nothing quite like having a wireless neckband earphone with a snug fit. Trust us, we have some expertise in this area. Wireless headphones work as well, in fact, they work much better for some people. We think its a matter of preference. 

All in all, you need an ergonomic design, that doesn’t add to your discomfort while working out. Also, sweat is given during intense sessions. What you need, therefore, are headphones which have the requisite technology to be able to deal with sweat and not give up on account of it! Look for sweatproof earphones or headphones, they will last longer.

High-Resolution Sound 

Now, this is non-negotiable! When you are working out you want a high-resolution sound with an immersive experience to help you get into the groove. Not being able to hear the environment around is also a key aspect of this. What is needed is a noise-cancelling headphone that blocks ambient noise and does not come in the way of your tempo. At the same time, you want to opt for headphones that come with a transparency mode. So, you do not compromise your safety if you listen to music on the go and need to hear the surroundings.

How to Pick the best headphones for Workouts


Neckband earphones offering a snug fit during workouts

If you aren’t keen on wireless headphones, wireless earphones can be the obvious alternative. In-ear earphone comes with a snug silicon bud, and with the right fit, you can keep ambient noise at bay to an extent. Our PLAYGO N23 and N20 models come with 3 size variations of the earbuds so that you can get the comfort fit that you need. 

Seamless Call Switching

So, there is an important call that you do not want to miss. What you also do not want to do is to put your workout on hold while you wait for it.  Look for a headphone with Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to seamlessly switch between high-quality music experience and clear calls.

Wireless Models with a Larger Range

Your idea of a workout could range from doing flips to dance to running across a field. All of this may mean that your phone may not be on your person all the time. So, wired headphones or earphone are out of the question. Even while choosing wireless headphones, what you definitely need is a headphone with a large operating range. Look for headphones that have an operating range of up to 10 meters and you should be sorted.

Extended Battery for Headphones for Workouts

A key criterion in picking headphones for workouts is also their talk time and enhanced battery life. You definitely do not want the headphone dying on you just as you get into workout mode. Cause let’s face it, we often forget to charge our devices after spending long hours at the gym. 

PLAY GO devices come with an added focus on battery. With normal use, the battery life on the fully charged PLAYGO devices can be expected to last for:

- For PLAYGO N23: Upto 20 Hours

- PLAYGO N20: More than 7 Hours

- PLAYGO BH70: Upto 24 Hours

Choose Sweat & Dust Proof Headphones for Workouts 

Whether you workout in a gym or a park, sweat and dust are always a mess. Make sure that your headphones are also sweat and dust-proof. No matter how good your headphones are, if they are not sweatproof and dustproof they are not worth it. They will start slipping out from your ears just when you need them the most. Yes, you guessed that right, while working out. And I am sure nobody likes the stubborn dust accumulated in the headphones.

The excessive moisture can actually be very harmful to the longevity of your headphones as they can corrode and destroy sophisticated components of your headphones. Similarly, dust can choke and diminish your overall experience with your headphones. So, it is highly recommended to go for sweat and dustproof headphones for workouts like PlayGO BH70 which comes with IPX4 design and rating which ensures that they are fully water-resistant and dustproof.

Efficiency-Enhancing Features of Headphones for Workouts

When it comes to using headphones for workouts, you need all the help you can get.  Headphones with AI-assisted algorithms can detect your unique hearing condition and fill in music blind spots, if any. A customized music experience, in turn, can add a whole lot of efficiency to your workouts! Also with an auto-pause and play feature you can resume your listening experience (and your workout) from where you left it!

How to Pick the best headphones for Workouts


Closing Thoughts on Headphones for Workouts 

The good news is that it is possible to get the best bang for your buck when it comes to headphones for workouts. In looking for these features you need not, therefore, break your bank.

Last but definitely not the least, you want your headphones for the workout to add to your sporty persona. Be sure to look for that stylish piece that does justice to your personality and is the perfect companion to tag along! The PLAYGO devices are said to be high on the style quotient, just saying, and we’ll leave you with that thought handing! Happy Workouts! 

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