Perk-up Workouts with Dance Exercise

By Kartikeya Rokde Jul 26, 2020

Want to keep weight in check, but can’t bring yourself to exercise? Workouts can be utterly uninspiring when procrastination and zero motivation cause a snowball effect. But you enjoy shaking a leg often, whether or not, secretly, don’t you? So, why not incorporate dancing into your fitness regimen then?

Dance Exercise? Really?

That’s right - dancing is a great form of physical exercise. By pushing your body into different positions in a very short span of time, you spend a lot of energy. There is a reason why you get sweaty quickly after a couple of moves. It has the same physical benefits of running or hiking by improving your energy and buoying your frame of mind.

2 Easy Dance Exercises you Can do Anywhere

If you haven’t given dance exercises a try before, now is the time to start it. It is not necessary to go to dancing classes and you can easily do it at home. Try these:

‘Let’s Jazzercise’

If you have ever watched any mainstream movie from the 70s or 80s, no doubt, you must have seen groups of toned people wearing those eye-burning, glitzy, pastel-hued leg warmers and leotards kicking and leaping. Well, this is an intense dance party workout that includes dance, aerobics and kickboxing and its popularity hasn’t decreased a bit and yes, you don’t necessarily have to go for leotards – yoga pants would do. You can also take online Jazzercise classes if you are alone.

Let’s Look at its Benefits:

  • It is a whole-body workout and it is for all ages. This will help you tone your abs, arms, thighs and glutes if you do it for an hour.
  • It greatly increases your stamina.

Gyrate those Hips with Zumba

This is a free form of dance combining Latin American music – salsa, and aerobics. It doesn’t really require you to keep a check on timing. This is what makes it fun. Also, don’t go for extra tight athletic gear. Just wear stretchable and airy clothes. You can easily find a ton of apps for Zumba on your smartphone if you can’t find a certified centre nearby. Also, if you don’t want to disturb others with loud music blaring from your speakers, go for our PLAYGO N23. They are 100% sweat proof neckband in-ear headphones that never fall off.

Perk-up Workouts with Dance Exercise

Move to the beats with the PLAYGO N23

Zumba Dance Exercise Benefits:

  • It boosts your endurance to the next level, provided you do each class for an hour.
  •  It keeps your heart rate in check. Don’t believe it? Wear any fitness tracker, preferably PLAYFIT 53 that will give you an accurate check on your heart rate.
  • You will lose weight much faster with Zumba.
  • Just one or two classes of Zumba can significantly reduce your stress levels.

How to Improve Dance Exercises

If you get into the different types of dance exercises, you can always approach them in a better way. We will now suggest a few simple, yet necessary warm-ups before you start with your dancing workout sessions.

1. Keep Up for ‘Moves Like Jagger’

Zumba is a fast-paced type of dance exercise. You would need to go for a full-body warm-up that will let you do the dance better. One of the best exercises out there is burpees. All you have to do is first stand up straight with your arms by the sides. Then bend your knees towards the floor into the squatting position, put your hands on the ground, kick back in the plank position, lower your chest and jump upwards. By doing this, your glutes, chest, hamstrings, core and arms function way better when you are going to dance.

Pro tip - Do three sets of six reps each.

Perk-up Workouts with Dance Exercise


2. Your Hips Won’t Lie With Spot Skating

Well, you won’t need roller blades for this. But, you guessed it right – you have to assume that forward bending with legs wide open position when you skate! This is a wonderful exercise to improve coordination with your legs, increase your glutes’ strength and improve your overall balance.

Pro tip – Do three sets of 30 seconds each. Count the time on your fitness tracker.

Perk-up Workouts with Dance Exercise

Ski Jumps 

3. ‘Keep Rollin’ With Squats

Improve the speed and agility of your dance moves by working on the muscle strength with squats. The more you do the better it is, as it helps your muscles greatly.

    Pro tip – Do three sets of ten squats and try to do them faster.

    Dance to the Groovy Exercises

    If conventional workouts are not your jam, don’t worry. You can easily switch to a dance exercise regimen. While we have mentioned the easiest ones you can go for, you have plenty more types of dance exercises such as hip hop, tango and tap. Just remember, good physical activity is way better than no physical activity. So, count, 1-2-3-4-MOVE!

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