8 ways to keep your headsets healthy for a longer run

By Krutika Lal May 12, 2021
We just want a high-quality listening experience without compromising comfort or durability when it comes to headsets. Although most earphones and headphones are designed to withstand heavy use in the field or at the gym, people sometimes find themselves in situations where their headsets are no longer working perfectly.

If you've just purchased a new pair of headphones or simply have an old pair that you adore, you'd like to know how to get the most out of them. Knowing how to care for your headphones properly will mean that they'll last a long time and will be in good condition. Here are five tips for extending the life of your headphones.

Proper Storage

The first level of protection for your wired device is proper storage. Instead of winding or buckling the cable around your device, disconnect the earphones and coil. Instead, wrap it around a few fingers to form a natural coil. This will avoid internal damage. The majority of earphones come with a storage bag. Be sure to use it or invest in a new one. Place your earphones and cable in their pouch or case. Many earphone issues are triggered by a cable failure caused by stretching.

Keep the headphones clean

Sweat can be an issue with headphones, but earwax shouldn't be. Be aware of your headphones' IP ranking, which indicates how water-resistant they are. Look for a pair with a ranking of at least 7 stars.
Whereas, cleaning earphones can be more difficult. Earwax is a concern for these.
Earwax obstructs and distorts the audio from earphones, making the experience unpleasant and annoying.

Treat them with care

Take care of your headphones even if they aren't in use. Simple precautions such as avoiding high temperatures and cautiously removing them rather than pulling them out by the cable can make a big difference. Keep in mind that your headphones aren't as durable as you might believe. Liquids and high humidity exposure should be avoided as sweat or moisture can affect sensitive electronic parts of headphones. The size of your eartips may also be a factor. You want headphones that rest easily on your head without pressing or squeezing your ears.

Don’t share your headsets

Despite the fact that other people might not be as cautious with your headphones, the sharing of earwax may result in a severe ear infection for one or both of you.
So, even if sharing your earphones seems to be a pretty cool idea, it's best to be healthy.

Use the right case

Headphone cases come in a variety of sizes, so make sure you have the perfect fit before picking the one you want.
If you're on the move, a case that's too big causes the headphones to shake. If it's too small, it can crush the pads and wires, as a result affecting your headphone. The ideal headphone storage case should be neither too loose nor too tight.

Don’t toss or drop it around

Your headsets, like any other electronic device, can be damaged by shock or pressure. When the device is dropped or carelessly thrown on a rough table or floor, the fragile moving parts of the driver can split.

Control the volume

When generating sound, headphone speakers vibrate. The delicate sound-producing components are damaged when the volume is turned up too loud, destroying the moving parts, causing the sound to distort and possibly damaging your ears too.
Also, if you don't turn the volume down before plugging in, the initial shock will damage your speakers. Hence make sure to turn down the volume on your headphones before plugging or unplugging them.

Charge when required

Wireless headphones eliminate the need to untangle cables, but they must be charged on a regular basis to maintain battery life. Aside from sticking to a timeline, you must avoid charging the headphones incorrectly, as this would harm the sensitive circuits. Don't wait for the battery to be fully dead, but don't overcharge it either.

You now have learnt how to properly care for your headphones in order to ensure that they sound their best. Nothing, however, is more critical than having a good pair to begin with.
Taking good care of your headphones will protect your investment, save you money on maintenance costs, and guarantee that you get several years of use out of them.

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