5 reasons Why you should monitor your heart rate

By Deepak Tiwari Aug 02, 2021
Technology has turned us all into data gurus, especially when it comes to exercise. Whereas only a few years ago, many of us had no idea how many steps we took in a day, how much we ran, wearable gadgets now put this data at our disposal. Your pulse rate is one bit of information that stands out. That number by itself might reveal a lot about you.The function of the lungs, the cardiovascular system (heart, blood, arteries), and the potential of your muscles to use oxygen (muscular function) are all crucial elements to consider when it comes to maximising your fitness.Do you consider yourself to be in good physical condition? You can tell if you're healthy if you can watch your resting heart rate over time.

How do heart rate monitors function?

The electrical signals from your heart are measured by heart rate monitors. They're sent to your wristwatch.They allow you to examine which allows you to evaluate your workout and recognise the benefits of your training.
You can acquire a rough approximation by using the old-fashioned method of monitoring your own pulse. You may feel it in your wrist or neck, but this can interfere with your activity. You can get reliable, real-time statistics with an electronic heart rate monitor.

You’ll push harder

There'll be no excuses when you can see how hard you're pushing, straight on your wrist.
Environmental factors, such as the weather, might alter speed and power, but heart rate is always a consistent statistic - so there's nowhere to hide when comparing data from a spectacular session to an average one. You'll make better improvement if you can push yourself harder into your peak zone for longer and longer periods of time each week.

You’ll be able to see your improvements and change your workouts accordingly

Data doesn't mislead. If you've been lazy for a few weeks, loaded with junk food, and partied, your pulse rate is likely to reflect it. Seeing those numbers rise can be just what you need to get back into shape. Maintain your four weekly sessions and work hard, and you'll quickly see that all of your metrics are leaning in the correct direction. Check out our PLAYGO SW75 series inbuilt with 14 different sports mode to track various activities for you to get a better analysis of your workouts. 

You’ll understand your pace better

Variation is key to improving as an athlete. As much as you mix up your distances, types of exercise and speed, you should also mix up your heart rate zones. Few people can accurately evaluate how hard their bodies are working during running. You can use your heart rate monitor to target certain HR zones, then work inside them.
If you're preparing for a half marathon, for example, you can vary your training plan and HR activity to increase your running pace while maintaining inside a heart rate zone you know you can maintain over time.

Ensure Safety

You can maintain the safety of your fitness programme if you keep track of your pulse rate during your workout. When you first start exercising, your heart will beat 60 to 100 times per minute. Your resting heart rate would be only 40 beats per minute. You are going beyond the safety limits of your workout if you go beyond the regular range. If this is the case, you should take it more slowly, and get some rest.

Improving oxygen efficiency

When you're aware of your heart rate throughout exercise, you'll seek specific zones to help you attain your goal. In fact, with planned outcomes in mind, weight loss and improved fitness are easier to achieve. Your body responds by using oxygen more efficiently than previously as a result of your efforts.
Oxygen dissolves quickly and easily reaches the surrounding tissues. Your organs get enough oxygen as a result. At the same time, your organs receive enough oxygen and nutrition. Even after your last workout, your body will continue to remain healthy.

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