5 Awesome DIY Diwali gift ideas

By Deepak Tiwari Oct 30, 2021
Diwali is only a week away, and this is likely the last chance to get gifts for friends and family online. With the majority of people working from home and spending more time indoors than ever before, Diwali gifts are sure to brighten everyone's day. As we all know, Diwali is one of India's most colourful holidays, which people enjoy celebrating with their families and loved ones.
Diwali gifting is indeed a traditional activity that many people like experimenting with. This event is all about the feeling of unity, spreading love, being kind, and celebrating the victory of good over evil, from browsing for gifting ideas to making one. Without these traditions, the festival of lights would be incomplete, and we're here to make things easier for you.

You could think of countless home-made DIY gifts ideas for Diwali because it's more festive and rich. It is preferable to provide meaningful gifts that are both inexpensive and environmentally beneficial. Let's have a look at some easy Diwali present ideas this year.

1. Diyas that are friendly to the environment

The festival of lights would be completed without the lighting of diyas, which represent purity, goodness, and good fortune in the home. You can make eco-friendly diyas out of dough this Diwali. You can make diyas out of 'ghar ka atta.' You might even embellish the diya with paints and acrylic colours to make it look more sophisticated, saving money and the environment.

2. Hand-painted glasses

Get some glass paints and search up some glass painting designs and ideas on the internet. You may paint extra glasses at home, add fairy lights or a candle, and give a set of glasses with candles that can be used as dinnerware.

3. Use of light as decors

Fairy lights are the ultimate remedy for aesthetics in your home, and because it's the festival of lights, you may add fairy lights to every area of your home to make it appear nice. Here's how to construct a simple DIY light decoration with fairy lights . Cut a branch and wrap the fairy lights around it, then place the extra lights and the branch's end in a jar. You can also use paint to make the branches look pretty.

4. Candles for decoration

If you have tea candles on hand, just paint shot glasses and place the tea candles inside the glasses to make the holder. On Diwali, the finest thing you can do is give lights, diyas, and candles as this festival is mostly about lights, and that's how you can bring some light into someone's life.

5. Chandeliers made of paper

This Diwali, be crafty and start brainstorming ideas on how to make chandeliers and lights out of paper or cloth. You can easily build a paper lantern using many tutorials online and decorate it with gems, ribbons, and other materials. Make the most of your imagination!

Whatever present you choose, the packaging plays an important role. When giving a present, making a good first impression is important. The packaging holds the key. During the holiday season, gifts should come from the heart. You should give it some thought and strive to make it unique. Customized boxes are a great alternative to the traditional gift basket wrapping. Choose a box that can be used to store jewellery or other small items. Food platters should be avoided unless you know the recipient's likes and dislikes.

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