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Understanding Binaural Audio

By Team PLAY Sep 04, 2020

The music experience in a live concert is completely different one that recorded. Live music comes with its own emotions, not without reason. It’s indeed a surreal experience to be present at the moment, hearing the vocalist stand right in...

How to Create the Best Workout Playlist for Your Headphones

By Team PLAY Sep 04, 2020

Think of any fitness class or even an intensive gym session and the one thing that you are likely to...

Enjoy Music - Art of Understanding Frequencies

By Team PLAY Sep 02, 2020

If you are a music lover, the above quote will definitely speak to you. From celebrating good weather to working...

If you haven’t heard of the concept of “burning-in earphones”, odds are that you’ve imagined your earphones up in flames! For starters, that sounds crude, that’s not what we are getting at here. Getting to the point, burning-in your headphones...

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